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Reefzone excells at providing affordable solutions to help minimize aquarium husbandry and help succeed in keeping a successful aquarium. We understand that the way a product looks, price, performance and the support behind it are all things considered when looking for in an aquarium related product.

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Aquarium Design & Maintenance

We can Design & Install anything from Small Decorative Tank to Large Centerpiece Aquarium. We are providing high quality service and the most effective solutions to our clients. Free expert consultation. Improve your tank service.

Marine Fishes & Corals

Large range of marine fish and corals from our shop in Phnom Penh. Marine and saltwater fish and corals for your reef tank.

 Equipments for Reef Tank

we provide pieces of equipment and components that are fundamental for setting up and running a saltwater aquarium or reef tank system. Aquarium/Tank. Lighting. Skimmers, Filters & Filtration Equipment. Powerhead. Live Rock & Substrate. Sea Salt Mix/Saltwater & Hydrometer. Heater & Thermometer.

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