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Glen Moy

A heavy cropper which resists aphid attack and is therefore less likely to suffer from viruses. Not for wet soil though.

Ruby Beauty

A dwarf thornless raspberry bush that grows to just 1m in height but can produce up to 1.5kg of fruit. Ideal for growing in containers.


Large fruits of superior dessert quality. Very productive, hardy and vigorous. Early fruit.

Black Knight

Every-bearing variety cropping in summer and fall, but primarily in the summer. Large, sweet berries.

Our Raspberry Recipes

Marbled Victoria Sandwich

Take a twist on the classic Victoria sponge cake with a marbled effect using dollops of raspberry jam.

Hazelnut Raspberry Meringue Stack

Don’t be timid when serving up this beauty – plunging in with a knife to slice is the easiest way.

Angelica Bryant, Gardening Expert